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CCRCA Breeders List

CCRCA Breeders List Requirements

The Curly-Coated Retriever Club of America (CCRCA) and American Kennel Club (AKC) do not recommend, guarantee, endorse, or rate breeders, their kennels, or their stock. Individual dogs are not examined by the CCRCA or the AKC. Prior to making any decision to purchase, buyers should be certain to check all matters relating to registration, health, and quality with the breeder/seller.

Each breeder has agreed to the following:

I understand that as a condition to advertising my kennel through the CCRCA Breeders List, I will be expected to make every attempt to abide by the conditions listed below. I have read and understand items 1 through 7.

  1. To have an OFA number (or board certified equivalent) and a CERF number (or board certified ophthalmology equivalent) for CCRs I breed, or to provide any country's equivalent certifications or to inform puppy buyers in writing of any lack of certifications.

  2. To use CCRs for breeding that are at least two years of age and whose eyes were certified within twelve months of the time of the breeding or to inform puppy buyers in writing of the age of the CCR at the time of breeding and any lack of certifications.

  3. Not to have litters from any CCR bitch more than once in a calendar year or not more than twice in a two year period, if successfully bred on consecutive seasons in a single calendar year.

  4. Not to sell to any known puppy mills, pet stores, or other commercial establishments and not to donate or provide CCR dogs or puppies for raffles, drawings, contests, etc.

  5. To be willing at any time to take back or help relocate any CCR I have sold or placed.

  6. To sell CCRs, adults or puppies, with a guarantee or contract stating that the purchaser is required to contact the seller if the purchaser can no longer keep or does not want the dog or puppy.

  7. To agree to accept the ruling of the CCRCA Board of Directors who, after a thorough review, may prohibit my advertising on the CCRCA Breeders List for up to a period of five years if I am found, through written and signed complaint submitted by any CCRCA member or puppy purchaser, to be non-compliant with one or more provisions detailed in items 1 through 6.

It is the policy of the CCRCA Board of Directors to send a copy of any letter of complaint, as described in item 7, to the breeder and to request a response from the breeder within thirty days. The originator of the complaint will have his/her signature deleted from the copy sent to the breeder.

To apply to be on the breeders list please fill out the application (download).

For a printable version of this list click here.


Iris Andre
Granite Bay, CA 95746

916-791-9460 home
916-825-5998 cell

Litter planned Spring 2015, show, hunting and companion.

Older dogs available from time to time.
FULLCIRCLE Jennifer Harms
Tallahassee, Florida

850-562-6627 or 850-251-0732
Contact for litter plans.
New York
8282 Soft Maple Road
Croghan, New York

(315) 346-6608 or
(315) 346-6608

Exciting litter planned for 2015, please email or check our webpage
KYRACO Mary Kay Morel
8083 Saddleback Pl
Maineville, OH 45039


No pups available from Summer 2015 litter. Contact re: planned 2015 litters by Kyraco stud.
Seymour, WI 51465

Puppies due April 2015.
MISTCURL Gerry Young
RR #1
Newport, Nova Scotia
B0N 2A0


Puppies due September 2015.